a lapse in time

a lapse in time

During the construction of my studio, I thought it would be fun to make a timelapse movie of the whole thing. Video inside…

I set up a digital still camera on an upstairs room of my house and shot one frame every ten minutes for almost three months. Since it was dark at night, go figure, and you couldn’t see anything anyway, I edited out all the nighttime shots. What you get is three months of continuous daylight in three minutes!


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  1. jim albright

    Neat. Congratulations! Your site has class! Do you know JavaScript? I’m working on learning it now. Thinking about using node.js to create a server on my computer allowing me to program using browser as interface and server to launch other applications (like running Audacity to record).

    • Fernando

      Thanks, Jim!

      I’m not really a JS guy, I just know enough to stumble my way through… I’m OK with PHP. But I had some pretty awesome teachers in the past that instilled in me the love of learning, and that’s what I do every day! =)


  2. jim albright

    My class uses Codecademy for hand holding working through examples. http://www.codecademy.com/dashboard – they have several web languages supported.
    I am excited about the node.js because it will allow cross platform solutions quickly and light weight. No .NET and mono hassle.


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